Business Analysis

Demands for Business Analysts is growing in the international market. The good thing is that you can work from home. You will develop skills to support successful business change programmes as well as have a god understanding of  how to identify and evaluate options for improving business situations.

What student will achieve in this course

You will understand business analysis, support change and improve business processes. You will gain a deep understanding of the many processes, framework, and techniques needed to implement successful business change.

You will bag a career as business analysts, business managers and members of their team, business change managers and project managers.

Course Contents

Beginner Level: Foundation

  • The role and competencies of a business analyst
  • How to identify and evaluate options for improving your business
  • Investigative techniques, including interviews, workshops, prototyping and scenarios
  • How to categorise, analyse and manage stakeholders
  • Making a business case and assessing feasibility
  • How to document, manage and validate requirements
  • What is business analysis
  • The competencies of a business analyst
  • The strategic context for business analysis
  • The business analysis service framework
  • Investigating the business situation
  • Analysing and managing stakeholders
  • Improving business services and processes
  • Defining the solution
  • Making the business case
  • Establishing the requirements
  • Documenting and modelling requirements
  • Validating and managing requirements
  • Delivering the requirements
  • Delivering the business solution

Intermediate Level: Business Change

  • An appreciation of the principles, processes, roles and approaches involved in business change
  • How to use information technology to enable business change, and as a driver for business change
  • How to align the organisation with external and internal influences
  • How to implement business change effectively
  • Business Change Principles
  • Business Alignment
  • Business Improvement Definition
  • Business Change Design and Development
  • Business Change Implementation
  • Benefits Management and Realisation

Advanced Level: Organisational Behaviour

  • Organisational Principles including delivering value, structure, budgets, jobs, management and rules.
  • Operating models including structures and boundaries.
  • Organisational motivation, behaviour and culture.
  • Group formation, dynamics and networks.
  • Principles of financial reporting including balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, costing and pricing.
  • Project finance including costs and benefits, payback, discounted cash flow and internal rate of return

Course Duration: Two months. 100% attendance is required to pass this course.

Method of delivery: Blended learning.

Course fee: N30,000

Course start date: on a rolling basis, please apply online and we will get back to you on the nearest course start date.

Certification: Successfully student will be awarded Professional Certificate from the British Transatlantic Polytechnic. The Course curriculum is aligned with the British Computer Society (BCS). Students can write BCS exams and obtain BCS certification at the same time.

Course Details