Welcome to the British Transatlantic Polytechnic

British Transatlantic Polytechnic (British Poly) is a cutting edge higher institution that focuses on skills and technological training.
British Poly is approved by the Federal Ministry of Education and recognised by the National Board for Technical Education in Nigeria.
British Poly is located in Akure, the capital city of Nigeria’s Sunshine State, Ondo.

What sets us apart

British Poly is unique by all standards

Practical-led learning methodology

Our emphasis is on Skills rather than certificates. All our courses are focused more on practical and skills acquisition elements that prepare students for the workplace. We offer courses that focus on practical skills and hands-on experiences making our students graduate with the knowledge they need to thrive in their careers and to solve modern day’s problem.

Lecturers/Tutors from industry

We recruit lecturers and tutors with industry experience who are very skilful and well-grounded in their professions so that they transfer their skills to the students.  That is why our lecturers are qualified, experienced and well-linked to industry. We offer our students individual learning plans, offering flexible learning supports and tutorial options.

World class equipment and training facilities

British Poly have would class training workshops, laboratories and studio. Most of our equipment are brought in from Britain and many of our classrooms have multimedia learning facilities. Our teaching and learning methodology are of international standard; enabling our students’ opportunities to compete equally with their mates anywhere in the world.

What we stand for


To be a leading provider of cutting edge and world class Polytechnic education in Africa.


Building workforce that impact positively on jobs, employment, industrial expansion and creating a better future for the people through world class polytechnic education and technological innovation.


    1. Produce professionally competent graduates who are responsible Nigerians and global citizens by providing quality teaching and learning environment
      1. To enhance curricular offerings that are compliant to quality assurance and responsive to local, regional and global needs
      2. To develop faculty expertise aligned to specific polytechnic discipline
      3. To optimize ICT applications in teaching and learning
      4. To ensure a conducive learning environment at par with global standards
    2. Generate new knowledge and innovative technology responsive to local and global needs
      1. To generate knowledge and technology in support to industry
      2. To support research capabilities of faculty in their respective discipline
      3. To broaden research and development network with leading research institutions
    3. Improve the quality of lives through the conduct of demand-driven extension services
      1. To design and implement responsive and sustainable community engagement programmes
      2. To collaborate with key stakeholders in the implementation of programmes through resource sharing
      3. To document existing programs as basis for good practices
    4. Strive for optimal performance by sustaining good governance conditions and sound management of the polytechnic’s resources
      1. To provide quality services through a unified governance and management system using ICT solutions and applications
      2. To inculcate the highest degree of commitment and professionalism in all university undertakings
      3. To uplift faculty and staff morale and competence through adequate opportunities for promotion and career development
      4. To upgrade physical plant and facilities that are responsive to stakeholders needs and at par with international standards


Our Core Values include the following among others:-

  • Professionalism: To offer our services in a manner which is skillful, proficient, knowledgeable and with high expertise by maintaining professional code of ethics.
  • Innovativeness: To uphold creating thinking by using our skills, knowledge and imagination to develop new ideas for the benefit of the community.
  • Diversity & Inclusiveness: To uphold strong character that make us unique in behavioural and social norms to ensure all our stakeholders in spite of their gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation, etc., always feel welcome.
  • Integrity: To uphold a high degree of honesty and be open to our stakeholders in our actions, decisions and policies.
  • Customer Focus: To be committed to place the customer satisfaction at the core of the our service delivery by ensuring high quality of service at all times.
  • Teamwork: To uphold together strong character of communication, self-control and humility to achieve our goals and objectives despite our individual differences.


Excellence in Training and Innovation